2020 CAPCA Conference is here! | 13.5 CDPR Hours Approved + CCA, AZ, ISA

13.5 DPR Hours for Conference Announced

Conference Hours: 13.5 DPR, 17.5 CCA, 13 AZ, 10 ISA

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Due to the ongoing closure of venues and capacity restrictions throughout California and its counties, CAPCA is postponing in-person CE meetings until further notice. Need Hours? Check out CAPCA's Online Continuing Education.

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BeeWhere Updates

Applicators: bee checks got an upgrade! Applicators can now access registered beekeeper information who are requesting pesticide notification through CalAg Permits as an alternative option to contacting their local Ag Commissioner by phone. Learn more at

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The California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA) represents more than 75% of the nearly 4,000 California EPA licensed pest control advisers (PCAs) that provide pest management consultation for the production of food, fiber and ornamental industries of this state.

CAPCA is dedicated to the professional development and enhancement of our member’s education and stewardship, which includes legislative, regulatory, continuing education and public outreach activities.