Label Update Sessions

In- Person Label Update Session at the Annual Conference – October 2024, Anaheim, CA.

Eligible companies will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, pending review and acceptance of submitted application. 

Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

General Eligibility Information

Eligibility to participate in both or either session will be defined as follows:

  1. Presentation must be able to meet CDPR accreditation standards. If concerned check CE category example topics for a list of approved topics.
  2. Product or Use must be new within the previous 36-months. New is defined as approved (not pending) new uses/new crops never before registered in CA. Applications with pending products will be declined.
  3. Presentations are to be technical only. The following are specifically forbidden:
    • “Features and Benefits”
    • Comparison with other products in such a way that those products are identifiable, unless:
      • Those products are proprietary products of the presenting company
      • ii. Those products are no longer available in the marketplace
    • Economic analysis (i.e. ROI estimates)
    • Section 18 registrations


IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Selected companies must be prepared to submit their presentations within 30 days of acceptance to allow for presentation review. For recorded presentations, all videos included/embedded as part of the presentation must be provided in advance with PowerPoint submission. No commercials are allowed.

Due to pre-production costs and development timeline, changes to presentation after sign off submission or requests to re-record presentation information will result in additional expense to presenting company. Missed deadlines for submitting presentation content may result in late fees and production expenses billed to presenting company. No refunds or cancellations once approved.

Questions or changes to a previously submitted application,
please contact Ashley Hinson (916) 928-1625.