Crop Teams

As a part of the CAPCA Forward Committee, the Crop Teams concept was introduced in 2014, with Crop Team Champions taking charge of networking and creating the Crop Teams Concept. In 2015, Crop Teams moved from under the CAPCA Forward Committee to a standalone initiative.

The Crop Teams were developed to be available to all stakeholders and to provide a cadre of PCA experts within the crop team classification that are involved (boots-on-the-ground), knowledgeable as they interact daily with the specific crop(s), and are dedicated to keeping California plants healthy.

Our teams currently utilize our CE Education, News, Alerts, and Publications to update and address critical topics, share best practices, and articulate the value of the issues and practices for solving problems to benefit the industry.

Our teams will be working to promote IPM as the core of the PCA’s role, training, professionalism, and perspective by formulating appropriate strategic action between PCAs and other industry segments.