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DPR overhauled your renewal process in 2024. Renewals are different this year.
Read carefully, so your license is not delayed!
CAPCA created this page to answer all your questions and streamline your process.
We will update this regularly – check back often!

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Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I renew? What are the steps?

In some ways, the process is the same as it always was … you still have to mail it to DPR.


Here is a simple step-by-step guide:


  1. Log into the CAPCA Portal.
  2. Navigate to the DPR Renewal Summary section on the lower right.
  3. Retrieve and review your DPR Renewal Summary.
    Ensure that the record is complete.
    See our other FAQ sections if it is incomplete.
  4. Retrieve the latest DPR renewal form here on DPR’s website.
  5. Fill in page 3 of the renewal form. Insert your CAPCA pre-filled DPR Renewal Summary in place of page 4 of the renewal form.
  6. Print the entire renewal form. Review for completeness and accuracy. Sign it
  7. Mail the renewal form, the DPR Renewal Summary, and your payment to:

ATTN: Cashier
Department of Pesticide Regulation
PO Box 4015
Sacramento, CA 95812-4015



  • You may want to use USPS Certified Mail with return receipt. This way you will know if it was lost in transit.
  • If using a corporate credit card for payment, you may not be notified if the payment was declined.
    There is no guarantee that DPR, or your company, will notify you if your payment method fails.

Why is the "Name of the CE Sponsor" missing on my DPR Renewal Summary?

The legacy CECPM (Scantron) system does not report the name of the CE Sponsor.
Therefore, CAPCA is unable to add this information to your DPR Renewal Summary for you when the course was reported to CECPM.

However, CE Hours Reported reports all information to CAPCA, so you will see that many of your recent course records are complete.


DPR requires you to fill in the Name of the CE Sponsor. Here is what you can do:


  • Find the name of the CE Sponsor on your verifications of attendance (VOAs).
  • Go to DPR’s website here, and look up the course by its title and date.
  • If neither of these above methods work, please attempt to write in the name of the Sponsoring Organization from memory.

Where are my hours? My courses are missing?

First, please make sure your license was renewed at the time of the course. For example, if you took the course on January 10th, and your license was renewed on January 15th, then DPR will not count your credit for this course.




  • DPR’s regulations changes have created a lot of chaos, and CE Sponsors are figuring it all out.  
  • According to DPR regulations, using scantrons to track attendance is not compliant.
    The legacy hours tracking organization, CECPM uses scantrons to track in-person attendance.
  • CAPCA’s new system, CE Hours Reported, is compliant with DPR’s new regulations. 
  • But, not all CE Sponsors are aware of CE Hours Reported. 
  • CE Sponsors can add your course record to CE Hours Reported quickly, easily, and for free.  
  • Together, we can spread the word about CE Hours Reported!
    • CAPCA’s staff will contact the CE Sponsor and inform them of this free and easy service.  
    • But, we do not control these CE Sponsors and they are not required, by regulation, to report to CE Hours Reported. 
    • Be proactive! Send this info sheet to your CE Sponsors and let them know you want them to use CE Hours Reported!


Going forward, support CE Sponsors who are using CE Hours Reported – look for the trust mark! 

When will my CAPCA Online CE credit show up on my Renewal Summary?

  • We are in the process of integrating CAPCA’s Online Learning platform with CE Hours Reported.
  • In the meantime, this is a manual data transfer process and will occur weekly.
  • Please look for your Online CE credit early next week!

Why am I paying CAPCA to assist with renewal?

  • CAPCA has made a significant investment of our Members’ money in the development of CE Hours Reported so that we can continue to track your hours now and into the future. 
  • DPR’s regulation changes have caused a significant amount of chaos in the CE system, and CAPCA is leading the response with a free and user-friendly system.  
  • If you no longer wish to remain a Member, you are welcome to keep your verifications of attendance (VOAs) from all of your courses and use them to fill in DPR form LIC-141. This is the process that licensees who are not members of CAPCA must pursue.  
  • CAPCA has responded to all the new regulations, engaged with DPR, informed the managers of the legacy tracking system, and built many new tools in service of our Members. 
  • This is an engineering project. It is complicated for a multitude of reasons and your patience is appreciated. If you would like to understand more about why there is so much complexity, please feel free to join CAPCA’s Technology Committee. Email patrick@capca.com to join. 

When do license fees increase? Can I get ahead of the increase?

  • DPR is accepting 2024 renewal applications now.
  • CAPCA’s understanding is that the proposed license fees increase will be effective as of August 5, 2024.
    However, this date is dependent on approval to DPR from the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).
  • They announced the official increase on July 15, 2024. 
  • DPR has confirmed with CAPCA, in writing, that PCA renewal applications postmarked before the effective date of the fee increase will be accepted at the lower fee.

I am a QAL/QAC ... How do I get my DPR Renewal Summary?

You may have heard rumors that CAPCA will no longer report QAL/QAC hours. This is not true.
All of your hours you have attended through CE Hours Reported are reported to DPR.
However, we are contractually obligated not to offer you CE hours tracking services:


  • If you hold a QAL or a QAC and you do not have a PCA license, then we urge you to contact PAPA for renewal support.
  • CAPCA offered to provide PAPA with access to CE Hours Reported in late 2023.
    Our extended offer was rejected at that time, and no additional conversations have been had.
  • QAL/QACs may use reporting from PAPA, and their own collection of verifications of attendance (VOAs), to fill in DPR’s form LIC-141
  • You can request a copy of your CE Hours Reported VOA(s) by going to cereported.com –> “My Courses” –> select a course –> “Request my VOA”


If you are a QAL/QAC and you’re interested in CAPCA’s DPR Renewal support, please let us know here.

Get ahead of the license fee price increase

What is happening?

DPR is planning on instituting an increase in licensing fees effective August 5, 2024. Renewals post-marked before August 4, 2024 will be charged the current fee(s). CAPCA expects the emergency regulation, on which this fee increase stands, to move swiftly. You should expect an increase. See DPR’s justification here

CAPCA has been advocating against unreasonable licensing fee increases for years. Currently, you pay $140 for your license; if this regulation goes through as planned, you will pay $320. We recognize that many PCAs also hold additional licenses and will, therefore, have a compounding impact as the fee increase is consistent per license held.

CAPCA is pushing back and suggesting that the fee increase should be used to improve accountability, transparency, and response time to the licensees.

We have communicated to DPR that they will likely see a larger than expected decrease in license renewals (whether from retirement or lack of use) with the fee increase.

Had a problem renewing in 2024? Please tell us your story:

What is CAPCA doing?

DPR held a 30-day public comment period ending on May 24, 2024. CAPCA Members downloaded our letter template over 200 times and sent it to DPR. Thank you for your efforts!

A comment period re-opens July 23, 2024 and closes July 28, 2024. To comment you must submit comments to both staff@oal.ca.gov AND dpr2001e@cdpr.ca.gov, so CAPCA recommends putting both email addresses in the same comment email. 

Official Statement from DPR July 15, 2024:
On July 15, 2024, DPR issued a Notice of Proposed Emergency Action. DPR proposes to amend sections 6502 and 6505 of Title 3, California Code of Regulations relating to license and certificate application, renewal, and exam fees. DPR also proposes to amend forms, incorporated by reference in section 6502, to reflect the new fees and make nonsubstantive changes. DPR intends to submit this proposed emergency action to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) for review on July 23, 2024, at which time a five-day public comment period will begin that closes on July 28, 2024. Upon filing, OAL will have ten calendar days within which to review and make a decision on the proposed emergency rule. If approved, OAL will file the regulations with the Secretary of State, and the emergency regulations will become effective on August 5, 2024.

New CE Renewal Summary

Per DPR regulatory changes in 2024, PCAs must now present all of their CE course data in DPR’s form LIC-141DPR will reject any course summary that is not entered into this form. 

CAPCA PCA’s are covered!
  • CAPCA’s active PCA Members can download a pre-filled DPR form LIC-141 on their Member Dashboard under “DPR Renewal Summary.
    • Associate Members with a QAL/QAC: Please see the FAQ section below.
  • This pre-filled form contains all your CE course information that was submitted to either the legacy CECPM system (Scantron) –or- submitted to CAPCA’s new CE Hours Reported tracking system, all in one place.
  • You do not need to submit verifications of attendance (VOAs) in your renewal packet. Keep them as back up in case your course record is audited.
  • If the course has been reported through the legacy CECPM (Scantron) system, you must fill in more details.
    • DPR requires the Name of the CE Sponsor. This is the name of the organization (i.e. “CAPCA Desert Valley Chapter”, “ABC Chemical Co.”, “Siskiyou Dept. of Ag”)
    • You can find the name of the CE Sponsor on your verification of attendance (VOA), from memory, or by searching for the course here on DPR’s website.
  • If your DPR Renewal Summary is missing a course, here is what you can do:
    • (Fastest) You may add hand written records to your DPR Renewal Summary.
    • (Fast) Let the CE Sponsor(s) know you want your hours tracked through CE Hours Reported by sending them this info.
    • (As fast as we can) CAPCA will reach out to CE Sponsors as well. Please provide as much information as you can in this form: Missing a CE Course?

DPR CE tracking you can trust

  • Do you want your CE Hours tracked for you and an easy way to comply with DPR?
  • Do you want your credit to show up on your DPR Renewal Summary the instant it’s reported to DPR?

Watch “Straight Talk about CE Tracking and Renewing Your License,” a video podcast where Patrick from CAPCA explains what’s really going on.

Need CE hours now?

CAPCA has a lot of online CE available!

CAPCA Members have been granted access to 5.5 hours online CE, and there are an additional 10.5 hours of online CE available for purchase. Active and Associate Members will be granted access to even more online CE hours later this year, so make sure to renew your CAPCA Membership today to ensure you are granted access to these additional courses!

Continuing Education Events 

CAPCA has a variety of ways to maintain your continuing education for the year including Online CE (above), and chapter events and statewide conferences. You can find the details on CE Events by following the link to the right. 

Help spread the word about these changes!