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CAPCA’s mission is to serve as a leader in the industry and continue to provide quality education. In a changing world, that mission and our service to Members hasn’t changed.

Anyone can create a free account to view CAPCA’s CE course catalog. Once purchased, all courses will have access until 12/31/24.

CAPCA’s Online Learning platform supported configuration requirements: Course materials need to be viewed on an up-to-date computer (Windows or Mac) via the up-to-date Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser. Attempts to view course materials on other platforms or web browsers are not supported and can lead to errors or inability to complete the course material. 

2024 CE Courses + Bundles

+ PCA 101 — $20.00

1.0 DPR hours (1.0 Other) 

2023 Conference Presentations from:

  • Recommendations in Agriculture: A Team Effort by Anthony Duttle

  • Drift Mitigation and Accountability by Paul Squires

+ 2024 Regulatory Updates — $60.00

3.0 DPR hours (2.0 Laws, 1.0 Other)

2023 Conference Presentations:

+ CACASA & BeeWhere Update  by Ruben Arroyo 

+ Navigating California’s Regulatory Landscape with Innovative Technology by Erik Nijskens 

+EPA’s ESA Workplan by Rachel G. Lattimore 

+ Neonic Regulation Update & CDPR Licensing Update by Josh Ogawa

+ Pest, Disease, & Innovation — $80.00

4.0 DPR hours (0.5 Laws, 3.5 Other)

2023 Conference Presentations:

+ Development and Application of an In-Field Optical Biosensor for Early Detection of Plant Diseases by Dr. Perry Edwards 

+ The Imperative Need for Bio-Solutions and Novel Technology in Conventional Systems by Drew Wolter 

+ Harnessing Aerodynamics through Technology in Aerial Application by Doug Thiel & Dan Gudgel

+ Pest Management, Water Quality, and the Future of Rice by Tim Johnson

+ Managing Pests and Diseases in Pistachios: Current Technology and Works in Progress by Dr. Bob Klein 

+ Managing Insecticide Resistance in Spotted Wing Drosophila Using Integrated Approach by Dr. Jhalendra Rijal 

+ Managing Herbicide Resistant Chickweed in Small Grains by Nicholas Clark 

+ Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program by Kendra Tapia

+ Technology Roundtable — $37.50

2.5 DPR hours (2.5 Other)

2023 Conference Roundtable Presentation:
Joan Vernon, TelusAg  | Justin Kerr, Factor IV Solutions  | Greg Guyette, Insero  | Josh Minor, John Deere

Moderator: Paul Crout 

To purchase courses login to your CAPCA Dashboard and click “Online Learning” then navigate to the “Shop” tab. 

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