Online Continuing Education

CAPCA’s mission is to serve as a leader in the industry and continue to provide quality education. In a changing world, that mission and our service to members hasn’t changed. Once purchased, all courses will have access until 12/31/23

2023 CE Courses + Bundles

2023 Conference Label Update – $40.00

(On sale for $30.00 until Oct 31, 2023)

2.0 DPR (1.5 Laws | 0.5 Other)

2023 CAPCA Conference online Label Update program, with presentations from

  • Hour 1 – Corteva, AgBiome, Trece, and TELUS Agriculture
  • Hour 2 – SAN Agrow, UPL, Nichino, and Suterra
Included with Early Registration (purchased by 08/31/2023) to 2023 Annual Conference in Reno, NV. 
Once purchased, this course is available to complete through 12/31/2023.

Industry 101 Part 1 & Part 2 – $90.00

(On sale for $67.50 until Oct 31, 2023)

4.5 DPR (4.0 Laws | 0.5 Other)

Presentations from the 2023 CAPCA Spring Summit in Temecula, CA including: 

  • PART 1 – Spray Safe 101 | How to be Prepared to Defend a Violation | CAC/Enforcement Discussion Panel – Be Educated, Be Proactive
  • PART 2 – PPE and Health Effects for Workers | Updates on Soil Fumigant Application Requirement | Why is Weed Management So Difficult?  

Once purchased, this course is available to complete through 12/31/2023.

2023 Spring Summit Recap – $110.00

5.5 DPR (1.5 Laws | 4.0 Other)

Continuing education presentations from the 2023 CAPCA Spring Summit in Temecula, CA, featuring presentations by:

Ruben Arroyo, Paul Crout, Delia Cioc, Dr. Frank Byrne, Krystal Jenkins, William Baker, Dr. Nicola Irvin, Craig Laursen, Joelene Tamm, Robert Masson

Once purchased, this course is available to complete through 12/31/2023.

Big Picture of IPM Tools – $40.00

2.0 DPR (2.0 Other)

Big Picture of IPM Tools Speakers:

  • Dr. Melissa O’Neal, The Future of Biologicals and How Biologicals Improve Your IPM Program
  • Dr. Karla Medina, Nematicide Landscape 2022 and Beyond: Implications for Current and Upcoming Products
  • Dr. Emily Symmes, Lessons Learned After 50+ Years of Mating Disruption: A Deep Dive into MD Science and Systems

Once purchased, this course is available to complete through 12/31/2023.

Rodents, Mosquitos, Trees, & Weeds – $80.00

4.0 DPR (0.5 Laws, 3.5 Other)

Burrowing Rodents & Mosquito Control – 1.5 DPR (0.5 Laws, 1.0 Other):

  • Jim Hartman, Managing Burrowing Rodents
  • Nancy Voorhees, Trends in Mosquito Control in California Mosquito and Vector Control Districts

Urban Tree Diseases – 1.0 DPR Other:

  • Dr. Igor Lacan, Diagnosis and Management of Phytophthora Diseases in the Ornamental Landscape – Sudden Oak Death and Others
  • Dr. Drew Zwart, Disease and Insect Management in Trees and Shrubs

Weeds – 1.5 DPR Other:

  • Dr. Scott Steinmaus, Herbicide Resistance 2022
  • John Roncoroni, Best Management Practices for Weed Control in Vineyards

Once purchased, courses are available to complete through 12/31/2023.

CAC Update – $20.00

1.0 DPR (0.5 Laws, 0.5 Other)

CACASA Update Speaker:

  • Ruben Arroyo

Once purchased, this course is available to complete through 12/31/2023.


IPM Crop by Crop – $120.00

6.0 DPR (6.0 Other)

Citrus Issues – 1.0 DPR Other:

  • Dr. Frank Byrne, Neonicotinoid Alternatives for Asian Citrus Psyllid Management in California
  • Victoria Hornbaker, Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing Treatment and Quarantines

IPM in the Field – 2.5 DPR Other:

  • Dr. Ivan Milosavljevic, Maximizing IPM of Argentine Ant and Sap Sucking Pests (with Biodegradable Hydrogels, Infra-Red Sensors, and Cover Crops)
  • Dr. Oleg Daugovish, Soil-Borne Pest Management
  • Dr. Ben Faber, Avocado Herbicide Alternatives to Glyphosate
  • Dr. Christopher Chen, Abiotic Stress in Vines

Wine and Table Grape Round Table – Disease, Insects, & Weeds – 2.5 DPR Other:


  • Dr. Emily Symmes
  • Dr. Christopher Chen
  • Kyle McAbee
  • Jeff Rasmussen

Once purchased, courses are available to complete through 12/31/2023.

CE Hours Reported

The “CE Hours Reported” mark was created to help CAPCA members register for education with confidence that their completed CE hours will be reported and appear on their official printout promptly. Your hours and timely renewal are important to CAPCA; you will start to see this mark appear for meetings where the sponsors have committed to report your attendance within seven business days of the meeting/online CE completion. We hope this allows you to register with the assurance that your Official Certificate will include all your CE hours when you are ready to renew.

Do you host DPR CE Meetings?

As a sponsor of Continuing Education meetings, your company can also take advantage of this promotional tool to assist you in marketing your educational events. Promotion of the meeting includes a basic listing in the Adviser magazine and under the CE Hours Reported Page.

(The listing is informational to our members, not ‘ad space’ for the meeting sponsor.)

CAPCA is offering this trademark at no cost* to CE sponsors dedicated to advancing the professionalism and educational training of all DPR license holders.

*The trademark use agreement is required. After signing, you may use the CE Hours Reported trademark to market the courses. Please note the use of the mark and listing of the courses means as a sponsor, you’ll report the completed hours to CECPM within 7 business days.

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