CAPCA Yearly Awards Nominations

Nominations for 2024 are now closed.  Please check back early next year for the 2025 nomination links.

Since 1975 CAPCA has annually awarded a Member of the Year and Contribution to Agriculture Award winner at the CAPCA Annual Conference and Agri-Expo.  As we prepare to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the CAPCA Annual Conference and Agri-Expo the CAPCA Board wants to invite you to nominate the 2024 CAPCA Member of the Year and Contribution to Ag winner! 

In addition to our two traditional awards, the CAPCA Board of Directors has directed an additional award – CAPCA Advocacy Award – to highlight CAPCAs commitment to and collaborative efforts for Advocacy on behalf of the PCA License and CAPCA Membership.  This award will recognize an individual involved in local politics or engaged in the sustainable development of sound pesticide policy in California.  Nominations for the newly founded award will come from the CAPCA Advocacy Committee, our work with the Alliance of California Farmers and Ranchers, CAPCA Lobbyist or CAPCA Leadership to celebrate stakeholders working on behalf of the PCA license and aligned industry for continued licensing professionalism, integrated pest management including pesticides and success in agriculture and green spaces across California.

Nomination Process – How do I nominate someone?  Nominations will open at the publication of the CAPCA February Adviser and be open until May 15, 2024.  Scroll down the page for the nomination forms.  You will need to complete a separate nomination form for each person, company or organization you are nominating.  The nominated person, company or organization will be asked to accept the nomination and provide some additional information to ensure the Nominating Committee as well as the CAPCA Board of Directors, who votes on the award winners, have adequate information for their decision.

Top nominees will be featured in the CAPCA Adviser magazine alongside the Annual Award winners.  We want to celebrate the diverse accomplishments of our membership and industry stakeholders!  Award winners will be recognized at the CAPCA Annual Conference during the Membership Lunch on Monday, October 13, 2024.

Nomination Guidelines – Who is eligible for the award? Guidelines for awards are to be used only for idea generation, not to limit nominations. Members identify outstanding potential recipients to be nominated for one or both awards outlined below.

Outstanding Contribution to Agriculture:

  • Individuals, companies, or organizations can qualify for this award.
  • Nominated parties may come from any industry (i.e., agriculture, entertainment, legislators, media, medical, etc.)
  • In a given year, nominees should have accomplished any of the following:
    • Led a successful small- or large-scale public relations program, or
    • An educational program, or
    • Accomplished something particularly proactive, or
    • Developed an agricultural/horticultural tool which will change industry forever -or-
    • An entity in which consistently participates and volunteers over a span of years for a variety of projects, issues, etc. for the good of agriculture/horticulture.

Some Outstanding Contribution to Agricultural Award Winners:
   1992 – Stanley W. Strew, CAPCA Executive Director and Founder Member
   2005 – A.G. Kawamura, CDFA Secretary
   2011 – John Kabashima, UCCE Farm Advisor
   2017 – Ruben Arroyo, Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner

CAPCA Member of the Year:

  • This award is limited to a CAPCA member who is a licensed PCA (Pest Control Adviser) and recognizes their contribution back to the PCA profession via CAPCA activities.
  • Beyond that, nominations should be considerate of the various activities the PCA performs above and beyond the industry norm, or to have actively worked towards the advancement of understanding, recognition, and/or professionalism of PCAs.
  • Nomination recipients should participate in CAPCA committees and activities, allied organizations, and/or local community projects (i.e., Scouting, Kiwanis, etc.).
  • These individuals should also display the following characteristics:
    • Strives for integrity
    • Continual personal development
    • Gives back to the industry
    • Looked upon as a leader
    • Respected by many
    • Cares about making a difference within the PCA profession as well as agriculture and horticulture in general

Some examples of CAPCA Member of the Year Awards:
   1991 – Fred Strauss for his CAPCA Advocacy and ambassadorship as a PCA
   2008 – Jeremy Briscoe/Sean Morelos for their development of Pathway to PCA program
   2020 – Dan Wickham for his role in the CAPCA Board, Conference Committee, & SoCal Chapter including mentorship, education and professionalism

Thank you for helping us recognize CAPCA PCAs, individuals, companies and coalitions doing great work  on behalf of the PCA license and the industry!

List of all past award winners:

CAPCA Contribution to Ag Award Winners:

1979     Carol Hallett, Assemblywoman
1980     John Thurman, Assemblyman
1981     Dick Beeler, Editor
1982     Jim Nielsen, Senator
1983     Gordon Berg, Editor
1984     Pamela Jones, Director/Alliance
1985     Clare Berryhill, Director/CDFA
1986     George Deukmejian, Governor
1987     Claude Finnell, Agricultural Commissioner
1988     Elin Miller, Executive Director, WACA
1989     Mark Linder, Agriculture in the Classroom
1990     Dale Miller, Sandoz Corporation
1991     Tina Zmak & Scott McGaugh, Chapman-Warwick Advertising
1992     Harold Kempen, Kern Co. Farm Advisor
1992     Stanley W. Strew, CAPCA Executive Director
1993     Harry Cline, Argus, Inc.
1994     Bob Vice, California Farm Bureau Federation
1995     Ron Cisney, Olocco Ag Service
1996     Bill Jones, Secretary of State
1997     Jim Costa, Senator
1998     Jean Mari Peltier, DPR Deputy Director
1999     Jim Wells, DPR Director
1999     Kim Crum, CAPCA Executive Director
2000     Corita Gravitt, California Heartland
2001     Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture
2002     Clyde Elmore, UC Extension
2003     Jackson Gualco, The Gualco Group, Inc.
2004     George Leavitt, Bill Olsen, Wilber Reil, Beth Teviotdale, Jack Williams, Retiring Farm Advisors
2005     A. G. Kawamura, California CDFA Secretary
2006     Doug Okumura, DPR, retired
2007     Tim Butler, DuPont
2008     Marilyn Dolan, Alliance for Food & Farming
2009     Roberta Firoved, California Rice Commission
2010     Neale P. McNutt, Tri-Tech Ag Products
2011     John Kabashima, UCCE Farm Advisor
2012     Karen Francone, CDPR Regional Director and Jon Jessen, Gowan Company Founder
2013     James Bethke, UCCE Farm Adviser
2014     Bill Weir, PH.D., UCCE Advisor Emeritus
2015     Terry W. Stark, CAPCA CEO, Retired
2016     Martin Reid, Retired PCA, DuPont
2017     Ruben Arroyo, Agricultural Commissioner
2018     Steve Koike, UCCE Farm Adviser
2019     Valerie Mellano, Cal Poly Pomona/UCCE
2020     Cheryl Wilen, UCANR Area IPM Advisor
2021     Paul Squires, Independent PCA
2022     Dr. John Palumbo, University of Arizona
2023     Frank Miranda, Independent PCA

CAPCA Member of the Year Award Winners:

1975     Stan Strew
1976     Larry Starr
1977     John R. Monnich
1978     Howard Barnett
1979     Scott Johnson
1980     Robert Kennedy
1981     G. Randy Heath
1982     Tim Sitton
1983     Shawna Bishop
1984     Sharan Lanini
1985     Tim Butler
1986     Jose Silva
1987     Michael Mead
1988     Jack Wackerman
1989     Tim Sitton
1990     Phil Larson
1991     Fred Strauss
1992     Steve Hartmeier
1993     Ed Murray
1994     Sam Bennet
1995     Jack Orr
1996     Linda LaVanne
1997     Karen Watts
1998     John Perry, Jr.
1999     Diana Bartel
2000     Mike Huffman
2001     Gary Silveria
2002     Jean LaDuc
2003     Ed Ishida
2004     Rick Foell
2005     Jim Rogers
2006     David Pattison
2007     Dale Nicol
2008     Jeremy Briscoe/Sean Morelos
2009     Jill Levake-Scott
2010     Renee Rianda
2011     Harry Peck
2012     Steve Hardgrave
2013     Dennis Duda
2014     Jeff Rasmussen
2015     Paul Crout
2016     Henry Buckwalter
2017     Rick Harrison
2018     Patrick Dosier
2019     John McClenahan
2020     Dan Wickham
2021     David Drucker
2022     Adam Tavares
2023     Krista Tavares