CDFA Grant Funds a 2024 PCA Study

“PCAs are our boots-on-the-ground partners and have first-hand experience with the multitude of pressures that our producers face every day. The information they will gather through this pilot study will provide a clear analysis of the pests our producers are addressing. This information is essential for understanding the current state of pest management and the impacts of any future changes.”

Applications are open!

Are you a PCA working in grapes, lettuce, pistachios or tomatoes?
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Here are some important details:

Informational Slides

See these slides from an informational webinar for PCAs which occurred in January.

Grant Award: CDFA has granted CAPCA funds to document the IPM and SPM practices that PCAs implement in the field.

When: Applications are open. The first round of selections will occur in early February, 2024. The actual data collection will occur in 2024 and 2025 growing seasons.

Why: It’s crucial to highlight the meticulous consideration PCAs give to both environmental and economic factors when deciding on pest management.

Benefit Distribution: A significant portion of the grant will directly benefit participating PCAs and their associated growers.

    • Eligible PCAs can earn a $2,000 stipend by fulfilling study criteria, injecting up to $400K into the PCA community.
    • There are additional incentives available for PCAs and their growers.

Tech Partnership: TELUS Agronomy plays a pivotal role in data handling. They guarantee that all data sent to CDFA is anonymized, ensuring the utmost confidentiality for PCA/grower details and specific field locations.

Data Collection: PCAs will register a single field location with a dedicated version of TELUS Agronomy. Comprehensive note-taking will allow us to analyze and detail their IPM approaches. This primary data will be enhanced by sporadic surveys, shedding light on the variables affecting PCA decision-making.

Scope: To refine our study and enhance its reliability, we’re focusing on pistachios, grapes, lettuce, and tomatoes. The study takes place in the 2024 growing season. Participating PCAs will be given detailed information in Q1 2024.

Collaborative Effort: This initiative is a joint effort between TELUS Agronomy, UC IPM, American Pistachio Growers, California Fresh Fruit Association, California Tomato Growers, CDFA, and CAPCA.