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Walnut Husk Fly in Winter

From the February 2019 ADVISER Magazine. Behaviors for the Walnut Husk Fly during winter.  Click HERE for Article.

Stink Bugs: Trouble comes in pairs

From the December 2018 ADVISER Magazine The effects of the two types of stink bugs currently invading California.  Click HERE for article.

Cannabis Regulation Update

From the February 2019 ADVISER Magazine. Josh Huntsinger gives an update on Cannabis Regulation for 2019.  Click HERE for the article.

New Resistance to Glyphosate

From the December 2018 ADVISER Magazine. John Roncoroni gives an update on the state of Glyphosate and what you, as PCAs, can do to help your growers. Click HERE for the article.

New Interim Recommended Permit Conditions for Chlorpyrifos

November 15, 2018 California Department of Pesticide Regulations announced today their New Permit Conditions for the use of Chlorpyrifos. A complete description of their proposed Permit Conditions are listed HERE. A summary of the new conditions recommended by DPR: Aerial applications are banned Discontinuing its use on most crops. Chlorpyrifos will be restricted to “critical […]