Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Membership Benefits:  Your BEST Value!

CAPCA has a Tiered Sustaining (Company) Membership program.  Join as a Sustaining (Company) member at our most inclusive and influential levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Chrome or Diamond member.

CAPCA is the largest membership association for the California PCA experts who are working with growers and green space managers to create the best environment for plant vitality and productivity.  We have a general demographic breakdown of what commodity our PCAs most often work with.

Your participation and support keeps CAPCA At the Center of California Plant Health!

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Reminder: 2021 Sustaining Membership Benefits expire 12/31/21. Review 2021 Benefits.

Thank you to 2022 Sustaining Members for your early commitment!

Almond Board of California (Platinum) | Amvac (Gold) | Brandt (Platinum) | Compass Minerals (Gold) | Gowan (Chrome) | Helena Agri (Gold) | Hortau (Bronze) | Kemin (Chrome) | Lida Plant Research (Silver) | Motomco (Bronze) | Miller Chemical (Diamond) | Pacific Bio Control (Bronze) | Pure Crop 1 (Chrome) | SePro Corp (Gold) | SQM (Platinum) | Suterra (Gold) | UPL (Diamond) | Valent (Chrome) | Westbridge (Gold) | Western Milling (Bronze) | Wonderful Nursery (Silver)