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Virtual Spring Summit | April 7-30, 2021

CAPCA's annual Spring Summit will be hosted virtually with:

  • Online Continuing Education Content (available on-demand anytime April 7-30)
  • Sponsorships (Limited number available)
  • Label Update Session (Program is filled)

Due to the nature of the event in 2021, no Exhibitor options will be offered.

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$45 Preregistration Rate until March 31 | $60 after March 31

$20 Label Update Content Only

2021 Program

5.0 Total DPR Hours (2.0 Laws & 3.0 Other)

CCA Hours Pending as of 2/16/21 | CE Accreditations will be updated here as they are approved

Label Update

1.0 Laws DPR Hours | CCA Hours Pending

Product label updates


So Cal CAPCA Update

1.0 DPR Hours (0.5 Laws & 0.5 Other) | CCA Hours Pending

"Glyphosate Alternatives and Organic Herbicides in Avocados" from Sonia Rios, Area Subtropical Horticulture Advisor, UCCE Riverside & San Diego Counties

"Riverside County Ag Commissioner’s Updates" from Ruben Arroyo, Riverside County Ag Commissioner

Piercing Sucking Insects and Their Control

1.0 Other DPR Hours | CCA Hours Pending

"Piercing Sucking insects and Their Control" from James A. Bethke, Floriculture and Nursery Advisor Emeritus, UCCE

Vertebrate Control

1.0 DPR Hours (0.5 Laws & 0.5 Other) | CCA Hours Pending

"Vertebrate Control" from Niamh Quinn, South Coast Research and Extension Center

Disease Management

1.0 Other DPR Hours | CCA Hours Pending

"Improved Nutrition - Part of IPM for ACP/HLB" from Steve Petrie, Ph.D., Yara Director of Agronomic Services

"Biochar IPM" from Robert Masson, University of Arizona, Yuma County Cooperative Extension

Fighting Disease Pressure through Plant Nutrition

CCA Hours Pending (No DPR Hours)

"Fighting Disease Pressure through Plant Nutrition" from Abe Isaak, AgroLiquid Field Agronomist