Spring Summit

The 2021 Virtual Spring Summit has concluded - we're pleased to have hosted over 400 "attendees"!

We look forward to hosting the Spring Summit again in 2022 - watch for dates and details later this year!


See 47th Annual CAPCA Conference & Agri-Expo for more education or opportunities to engage with CAPCA audiences


2022 Spring Summit

Thank You to Our 2021 Speakers

James A. Bethke, Floriculture and Nursery Advisor Emeritus, UCCE

Steve Petrie, Ph.D., Yara Director of Agronomic Services

Robert Masson, University of Arizona, Yuma County Cooperative Extension

Sonia Rios, Area Subtropical Horticulture Advisor, UCCE Riverside & San Diego Counties

Ruben Arroyo, Riverside County Ag Commissioner

Niamh Quinn, South Coast Research and Extension Center

Abe Isaak, AgroLiquid Field Agronomist