Online Continuing Education

CAPCA’s mission is to serve as a leader in the industry and continue to provide quality education. In a changing world, that mission and our service to members hasn’t changed. At the end of May we released 2 hours of online CE content free to 2020 Members (Active and Associate). Additional hours are launching in June and available for Active and Associate Members for free through the end of June. Pricing for non-Members is coming in the following weeks.

At this time DPR has not amended their renewal deadlines or requirements, and we don’t expect that to change. CAPCA advises members and licensees to plan to renew with the correct number of hours on the timeline set out by DPR: submit your renewal packet by November 1st to obtain your license by January 1st of 2021; all CE hours for those renewing in 2020 must be earned by December 31st of this year.

If you are a 2020 CAPCA Member (Active or Associate) and would like to take advantage of the free hours offered, follow the instructions below:

FIRST TIME LOGIN: Your username is the three letter abbreviation of your license type, a dash, followed by your six digit license number.

Format Example: PCA-012345 or QAL-987654 etc.

First-Time Login Temporary Password: CAPCA2020CE

Reminders: Don't forget any leading zeros in your license number; if you have multiple CDPR license numbers use your highest license (ie if you have PCA and QAL, use PCA). The first-time login password is case sensitive, use capital letters. (Do not enter DPR-012345.)

In the Catalog

Field Worker Safety Training

1.0 DPR - Laws

Field Worker Safety Training is an interactive, click-driven, course that includes some video segments. This course primarily focuses on the requirements of a fieldworker training course that would meet compliance with the California Code of Regulations. The course is designed for licensees with the content suited best for Categories D and O.

This course was developed in partnership with the Riverside County Ag Department. CAPCA would like to thank County Ag Commissioner Ruben Arroyo and his staff for helping transition this outreach into an online course.


CAPCA Spring Online CE

2.0 DPR (0.5 Laws, 0.5 Aerial, 1.0 Other)

A three-part video series featuring speakers from CAPCA's 2019 Annual Conference. Sessions are 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 38 minutes; each followed by a quiz. (Please note, at this time once begun a session cannot be paused or returned to without loosing progress.)


Southern CA invasive Species Update

2.0 DPR (2.0 Other)

A two-part presentation from Dr. Beatriz Nobua-Behrmann, Urban Forestry Advisor with UCCE on the Invasive Shot Hole Borer, and from Dr. Mark Hoddle, Dept. of Entomology, UC Riverside on the South American Palm Weevil.

Thank you to Dr. Hoddle and Dr. Nobua-Behrmann for their time and support to provide quality education to CAPCA Members.

Interested in ISA CEUs for this course?


Laws and Regs Update

1.0 DPR (1.0 Laws)

Riverside Agricultural Commissioner Ruben Arroyo provides a statewide update on Agriculture and Pesticide concerns of Ag Commissioners: latest Active Ingredient issues such as 1,3-D mitigation, neonicotinoids and bee notification; PPE alternatives, 2ee reminders and agriculture/pesticide concerns for the Southern California Region.

We thank Mr. Arroyo for his time and willingness to provide education to CAPCA Members.


Paraquat Dichloride Toxicity, Label Changes, and Closed System Requirements

1.0 DPR (1.0 Laws)

Paraquat Dichloride: Toxicity, Label Changes, and Closed System Requirements is an interactive, click driven, course that includes some video segments.  This course primarily focuses on understanding the toxicity of Paraquat-Dichloride, label changes and closed system requirements.

This course was developed in partnership with the Kings County.  CAPCA would like to thank Mario Gutierrez, Elvis Martinez and Jimmy Hook for helping transition this outreach into an online course.  Thank you to our course sponsor Syngenta for supporting the publication of this education in both English and Spanish.


Last updated 6/30/2020