November 22, 2019

Origins of Weedy Rice?

Study on the origins of Weedy Rice.  Read the article HERE

November 22, 2019

Pacific Flathead Borer in Walnuts

Pacific Flathead Borer coming back in CA walnuts?  Read more HERE

November 22, 2019

Rattlesnakes in CA Orchards

11.22.2019 Sonia Rios weighs in on challenges and management of Rattlesnakes in Orchards.  Article can be found here: Rattlesnake in CA Orchards

November 20, 2019

Legislative Report 2019

By George Soares   Every year the California State Legislature has about nine months—roughly January to September—to conduct its business. Thousands of legislative proposals,...

November 15, 2019

Hemp Production Similar to Tobbacco?

November 13, 2019, For full article, click HERE From Western Farm Press

November 13, 2019

Long-Awaited Hemp Regulations Released by USDA

October 29, 2019, The USDA released their regulations for production and transportation for Hemp, fulfilling the 2018 Farm Bill requirements. For the full story,...

May 13, 2019

Chlorpyrifos Updates

On May 8th, the EPA was ordered to ban the use of Chlorpyrifos in California. It is important to note that during the process...

March 15, 2019

ACP detected in Sacramento. County under quarantine

March 15, 2019, CDFA announced yesterday that ACP was detected in Sacramento.  The county is now under quarantine.  The link to the CDFA announcement...

February 11, 2019

2017 Agricultural Report for Merced County

Central Valley CAPCA Members.  Merced County has allowed us to post their Ag Reports on our Chapter Pages.  They are a great tool to measure...