November 15, 2018

New Interim Recommended Permit Conditions for Chlorpyrifos

November 15, 2018 California Department of Pesticide Regulations announced today their New Permit Conditions for the use of Chlorpyrifos. A complete description of their...

November 15, 2018

Grove Sanitation key in NOW prevention

A successful management plan for controlling Navel orangeworm starts in the fall following harvest and continues through the winter months. Full Article

November 13, 2018

ALERT: ACP found in Visalia

Tulare County and California officials are moving into eradication mode to control the adult and nymph spread.  For more details, click HERE

November 08, 2018

A little stress might be good for Walnuts?

Research in a Northern California orchard suggests it may be better to hold off on watering in the spring.  For full details, click the...

November 08, 2018

ALERT: Mexican Fruit Fly Quarantine in Los Angeles County

November 6, 2018 California Department of Food and Agriculture reported that Mexican Fruit Flies were found in Los Angeles County.  A quarantine is in...

November 07, 2018

2019 Chapter and CAPCA Ed Events Calendar

CAPCA Ed has released the Chapter and State Office Meetings for 2019**.  Check for a meeting near you! ** Dates MAY be added Download...

November 05, 2018

CDFA to meet in Kern County Nov. 6th

The CDFA will be meeting at Grimmway Tuesday, November 6th. to discuss food safety and water issues.  Full Details HERE

November 01, 2018

Looking into Cover Crops? Study suggests increased health for Bees

Studies suggest that cover crops near almond orchards help increase overall bee health.  For the full story, click HERE

October 30, 2018

ADVISER Article: Navel Orange Worm in Almonds

In the October 2018 Adviser Magazine, we provided on an Evaluation on Navel Orangeworm in almonds. We wanted to make that available for our Tree...

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