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Rattlesnakes in CA Orchards

11.22.2019 Sonia Rios weighs in on challenges and management of Rattlesnakes in Orchards.  Article can be found here: Rattlesnake in CA Orchards

Chlorpyrifos Updates

On May 8th, the EPA was ordered to ban the use of Chlorpyrifos in California. It is important to note that during the process it is important to know that the permit conditions from Fall of 2018 will be permissible until the cancellation is complete. PCAs are encouraged to get involved in the process of […]

Additional Resources


Ants: Monitoring and Your Management Options

Navel Orangeworm Monitoring: An Intractable Problem?

Control of Hairy Fleabane with Saflufenacil Can Vary by Season and Growth Stage

IPM of Spider Mites in Almonds: Exploring the New Sampling Techniques


UC Pest Management Guidelines: Pecan

UC Pest Management Guidelines: Pecan

Agricultural IPM decision-support tool

Agricultural IPM decision-support tool—management options for key almond pests and summary report of decision process

Integrated Pest Management for Walnut manual

Integrated Pest Management for Walnut manual

Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications

Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications card set PDF in English and Spanish, plus other pesticide safety resources

Agricultural Videos

Agricultural videos—in particular:
• Year-round IPM programs: Video tour
• Example: How to manage almond pests using the year-round IPM program
• Using degree-days to time insecticide applications in fruit and nut orchards
• Using IPM degree-day tools
• Setting a Macabee gopher trap
• Trap placement for pocket gophers

Online Training

Online training (*with continuing education units)
• Moving beyond pesticides
• Using degree days in orchards
• Pesticide application equipment/calibration*
• Pesticide resistance*

Online training (some with continuing education units) on pesticide application equipment/calibration and pesticide resistance

UC ANR Blogs

UC ANR blogs—in particular:
• The Almond Doctor
• IPM Corner
• UC Weed Science

UC ANR Twitter


Sacramento Valley Orchard Source

Sacramento Valley Orchard Source