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UCCE sounds alarm on looming insect threat

The spotted lanternfly is a major threat to numerous crops in California. Jeannette Warnert | May 14, 2020 Strikingly beautiful with a striped yellow abdomen and ruby red and black polka dot wings, the spotted lanternfly’s esthetic appeal belies its destructive nature. “Spotted lanternfly is a major threat to apples, grapes, stone fruits, roses, landscape […]

Vine mealybug a menace in Monterey County

David Haviland, University of California Vine mealybug is a significant pest in California grapes; it can cause them to be unmarketable, and in wine grapes can reduce the ability of vines to move sugar into the fruit. Vine mealybug a menace in Monterey County Advisor says pest is spreading leaf roll from site to site. […]

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Vineyard Viruses

Leafroll and red blotch diminish the product, plant pathologist says.  Full story can be found HERE

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UC Pest Management Guidelines: Grape

UC Pest Management Guidelines: Grape
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Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications

Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications card set PDF in English and Spanish, plus other pesticide safety resources

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