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Inevitable Arrival of Spotted Lantern Fly

Grape growers preparing for spotted lantern fly, which has created havoc on the East Coast and is likely headed west. Full Story from Western Farm press can be found HERE

Chlorpyrifos Updates

On May 8th, the EPA was ordered to ban the use of Chlorpyrifos in California. It is important to note that during the process it is important to know that the permit conditions from Fall of 2018 will be permissible until the cancellation is complete. PCAs are encouraged to get involved in the process of […]

April 2019 Adviser Articles: Grapes

In order to bring you more specific information on your specialty crop, CAPCA has taken articles from our current Adviser Magazine for you. Controlling Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer- click HERE

Bees and Almonds: A Symbiotic Realtionship

As the title suggests, Bees and Almonds go hand in hand.  This is not new information.  MorningAg Clips released a great article about how important bees are to more than just almonds.  I have placed a link to the story HERE

Additional Resources


New Troubles From the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter

Frost, Cover Crops and Ice-nucleating Bacteria

Post-emergent Herbicide Control Options for Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) in the San Joaquin Valley


UC Pest Management Guidelines: Grape

UC Pest Management Guidelines: Grape
• Guide to Vineyard Trunk Diseases in California
• Grape powdery mildew risk assessment index
• Omnivorous leafroller degree-days model
• Orange tortrix degree-days model

Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications

Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications card set PDF in English and Spanish, plus other pesticide safety resources

Agricultural Videos

Agricultural videos—in particular:
• Year-round IPM programs: Video tour
• Using IPM degree-day tools
• Setting a Macabee gopher trap
• Trap placement for pocket gophers

Online Training

Online training (*with continuing education units)
• Moving beyond pesticides
• Using degree days in orchards
• Pesticide application equipment/calibration*
• Pesticide resistance*

Online training (some with continuing education units) on pesticide application equipment/calibration and pesticide resistance

UC ANR Blogs

UC ANR blogs—in particular:
• Grape Notes
• UC Weed Science

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UC Integrated Viticulture

UC Integrated Viticulture