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Chlorpyrifos Updates

On May 8th, the EPA was ordered to ban the use of Chlorpyrifos in California. It is important to note that during the process it is important to know that the permit conditions from Fall of 2018 will be permissible until the cancellation is complete. PCAs are encouraged to get involved in the process of […]

PSHB and the Avocado

California’s love affair with the Avocado, The Avocado is synonymous with California.  90% of the Nation’s Avocados come from California.  The BLT is now the BLAT, and who doesn’t enjoy guacamole on everything?  It is understandable to see why the Avocado is so well loved.  It is great in a salad, just as it is […]

Additional Resources


Investigating the Cause of Shoot and Twig Dieback of Clementine, Mandarin and Navel Orange in California

Wild Pig Management in Citrus

Help Save California Citrus – Report Abandoned Trees

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Spread to Peach Growing Areas in the Northern San Joaquin Valley

Citrus Weed Control with Indaziflam and Rimsulfuron Herbicides

Monitoring Navel Orangeworm and Codling Moth In and Near Mating Disruption Orchards

Current Statewide Updates Regarding the Battle of the Asian Citrus Psyllid and Huanglongbing

A Practical Solution to Address the Emergence of Citrus Greening Forecasting in California


UC Pest Management Guidelines: Avocado

UC Pest Management Guidelines: Avocado


Pesticide Safety Resources

Understanding Pesticide Labels for Making Pesticide Applications

Card set PDF in English and Spanish

Agricultural Videos

Agricultural videos—in particular:
• Year-round IPM programs: Video tour
• Using IPM degree-day tools
• Detecting Asian citrus psyllid
• Setting a Macabee gopher trap
• Trap placement for pocket gophers

Online Training (with CE units)

Online training  and UC ANR Online Learning (*with continuing education units)
• Moving beyond pesticides
• Using degree days in orchards
• Pesticide application equipment/calibration*
• Pesticide resistance*
• Citrus IPM: peelminer*
• Citrus IPM: katydid*
• Citrus IPM: cottony cushion scale*
• Citrus IPM: citrus red mite*
• Citrus IPM: California red scale*
• Citrus IPM: citricola scale*
• Asian citrus psyllid and HLB for retrial nurseries
• Citrus nursery protective structure worker training

UC ANR Newsletters

UC ANR newsletters:
• Topics in Subtropics (posted on various UCCE county websites)

UC ANR Blogs

UC ANR blogs—in particular:
• Citrus Bugs
• Topics in Subtropics
• Southern IPM Activities
• UC Weed Science

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