Vegetables Team Champion - TBD
Transplant Tray Drench Bagrada Bug Control S Joseph; October 2016 Clothianidin Seed Coating for Bagrada Bug Control S Joseph & L Godfrey; June 2016 Nitrogen Fertilizer Technologies R Smith; February 2016 Salinity Management B Aegerter; February 2016 Soil Biosolarization Research UC IPM J Stapleton; February 2016 Root Aphids in Organic Celery S Dara; October 2015 Bagrada Bug in Broccoli S Joseph; August 2015 Efficacy of Novel Insecticides Against Lettuce S Joseph; June 2015 Weed Control in Carrot Family Crops S Joseph; June 2015 Cost of Pest and Disease Mgmt E Takele; August 2014 Cabbage Maggot Suppression in Seeded Broccoli S Joseph; June 2014 Powdery Mildews S Koike; June 2014 Automated Thinner Weeders for Lettuce R Smith; April 2014 Insecticide Application for Cabbage Maggot Mgmt S Joseph; April 2014 Thrip Management in Leafy Lettuce S Joseph; April 2014


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