Berries Team Champion - Nic Vanherweg
Strawberry Fruit Deformity and the Role of Lygus Bug S Dara; June 2016 Multiple-fungicide Resistant A Pokorny, A Shrestha, J Smilanick, C Xiao & J Farrar; June 2016 Micro Sprinklers Strawberry Production S Dara; February 2016 Efficacy of Novel Insecticides in Managing Lygus Bugs S Joseph; October 2015 Two Spotted Spider Mite S Dara; August 2015 Organic Pest Control Options O Daugovish; August 2015 Managing Lygus Bugs in CA Strawberries S Dara; February 2015 Powdery Mildews S Koike; June 2014 New Strawberry IPM Studies S Dara; February 2014 Lewis Spider Mite in Strawberry A Howell; February 2014


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