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2021 CAPCA CONFERENCE: ONLINE & IN-PERSON Our program this year will be a hybrid event with the majority of continuing education hours offered on-demand online in September and October, and a separate networking-focused event held in Reno, NV Sunday October 17th through Tuesday October 19th.


But see Snack Break Host option for acknowledgement in the SWAG Box in support of the Pathway to PCA program!

2021 SWAG Contributors

Our SWAG Box is full!

Thank you to 2021 SWAG Box Contributors

Marrone Bio Innovations

Syngenta | Lallemand Plant Care

Biosafe Systems | D&V Unlimited | Lida Plant Research

Afrikelp | Heritage Crop Science | Suterra | AMVAC | Helena Agri-Enterprises | Smart Guided Systems | Westbridge Agricultural Products


Rules and RegulationsExhibit Hall Map | Standard Booth Set Up Included

The CAPCA Exhibit Hall for 2021 will comply with all local and state event guidelines for the state of Nevada.  At this time we expect this to include the following:

  • Exhibit Hall will have one point of entry and exit.  Attendees are asked to move through the exhibit hall based on marked directions in order to create one way aisles and allow for social distancing.
  • Social distancing is expected.  Booths are placed to support this with a 10 foot space open between booths. If the state makes changes, booths may be placed between current placements.
  • In order to best comply with social distancing, there is a maximum number of booth personnel you can have in the booth to interact with attendees as one time: 2 personnel for 8 x 10’ and 10 x 10’, 3 personnel for 10’ x 20’ and 4 personnel for Islands. 
  • Masks are expected to be worn at all times unless eating or drinking.
  • All food or drinks in the exhibit hall must be passed out by designated hotel staff in accordance with PPE standards for food distribution.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to current restrictions, this year Exhibitors are not able to pass out anything (flyers, bags, SWAG, etc. or drawing giveaways) in the exhibit hall.  We will have a Networking Breakfast on Tuesday morning during which you may coordinate awarding your drawing giveaways. (Select Sponsorships include coordinated distribution of SWAG items; the mailed SWAG Box is also another option to distribute items.)


Q: Is the Exhibit Hall really sold out? How can I get a booth?

A: Yes, the Exhibit Hall is completely sold out. You may submit an application to be on the wait list for any cancellations that come up, but we encourage you to look at other engagement options for this year: Sponsorships | Private Events (Cash Sponsors qualify for Private Event space).


Q: I'm an Exhibitor - do I need to register for the Reno Event?

A: Yes. Any representative who will be working your booth needs a registration for the Reno Event. The Exhibit booth does not include any comped registrations this year, however prices are an excellent deal (especially for CAPCA Members! Join today). >> There will be no on-site Registration for Reno. <<


Q: The program says "Exhibitor presentations" - what does this mean?

A: It's one part of the program that will remain the same from previous years: CAPCA has applied for Continuing Education credit for attendees' time spent in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitor presentations are the specific hours when we ask Exhibitors to be present at their booth providing presentations and demonstrations to attendees.


Q: Our company is a 2021 Sustaining Member - will we still get comped registrations for Conference?

A: Yes! 2021 Sustaining Members Gold and above will receive their comp code(s) for complimentary registration after the Members-only registration period when Conference registration opens.


Q: Is there access to an attendee mailing list?

A: Yes, please review the details below and submit your request and payment prior to September 7th. (Sorry, no email list available.)

In 2021 we will offer a list of all pre-registered attendees through the date we expect to run for the SWAG Box (anticipating September 7th).
This option is only available to current CAPCA Sponsors/Exhibitors for CAPCA 2021 Conference Program. Companies not Exhibiting or Sponsoring do not have the option of this label run, but are welcome to order general labels for outreach to CAPCA members.
The list price is $200 for all pre-registered attendee’s names and addresses (no email addresses). You must complete your official label request and payment by September 7th.
The list will only be provided digitally and must be run by a bonded mail house. Your designated mail house must provide in advance of receiving the list a destruct letter with appropriate info. The list is provided in Excel format and does not have pre-sort option. Unfortunately, CAPCA will not provide hard copy labels in 2021.





IMPORTANT 2021 prices have been adjusted to best develop this event. There are no personnel registration(s) included with the booth contract. Exhibitors/booth personnel must purchase individual Conference Registration in advance. There is currently NO ON-SITE registration allowed under the State of Nevada Event Guidelines. Cut off date for Reno Registration will be October 1st*; no registration for online CE or portion of a registration including online CE may be transferred. (*Reno registration may sell out prior to this date no special consideration will be given for booth personnel.)

>> SWAG Box Items Receive Complimentary or Discount on Booth Registration (see below) <<

8' x 10' Booth $500
Limited to 5 booths on the east wall | sold out
Includes table sign acknowledging Exhibitor during Tuesday Networking Brunch
Includes Standard Booth Set Up; additional customization coordinated through the Exhibit Hall vendor will be extra

Standard 10' x 10' Booth $750 | sold out
Includes table sign acknowledging Exhibitor during Tuesday Networking Brunch
Includes Standard Booth Set Up; additional customization coordinated through the Exhibit Hall vendor will be extra

10' x 20' Booth $1,500 | sold out
Includes table sign acknowledging Exhibitor during Tuesday Networking Brunch
Includes Standard Booth Set Up; additional customization coordinated through the Exhibit Hall vendor will be extra

Islands ONLY Available Through Sponsorships or Premium SWAG Item

Modified preference is given to 2021 Sponsors and Sustaining Members as follows: Platinum and Diamond Sustaining Members, then 2020 Exhibitors and finally open to remaining Sustaining Members in order if they were not already placed above. NOTE: Island booths are all reserved for key Sponsors, select Sustaining members and SWAG Box contributors. Any additional requests will be placed on a wait list which will be contacted as any booths become available.

SWAG BOX: Only Snack Break Host Option Still Available

Boxes will be delivered in early October to all attendees registered by September 7, 2021 who opt to receive it.  Based on prior interest, estimate 1000 attendees; final number TBD not to exceed 1500.  Deposit due August 1st (deposit equals price of 500 qty of your SWAG item). Final billing based on final pre-registration numbers.

SWAG Box Sign Ups (excluding Custom Items) closes 6/10/21. 10' x 20' booth for Custom Items only guaranteed through 6/10/21 after which booth pricing discount may be negotiated.

All SWAG Box contributors receive acknowledgement in CAPCA Adviser, on and in SWAG Box.

Premium Item (0 of 1 Available) SOLD OUT
Camper Mug 12 oz $13,990/1000 ($13.99 ea., max $20,985/1500)
Island Booth in Reno Exhibit Hall
Physical Flyer (provided by Sponsor) for SWAG Box*

Custom Item $3,500  (0 of 2 Available) SOLD OUT
Choice of two options for 10' x 20' Booth in Reno Exhibit Hall
Must provide approximately 1,000 duplicate items by September 15, 2021; final count provided September 8th after pre-registration closes. Contributor responsible for the cost of the item and shipping to CAPCA vendor in Sacramento, California.  Custom item to be pre-approved by CAPCA.

"Cheers” Contributor $2,500 (0 of 1 Available) SOLD OUT
$250 Discount on Booth Registration Price
Acknowledgement note as “Cheers” contributor on a travel-sized bottle of Whiskey (or price equivalent beverage of your choice) in the SWAG Box.  Pricing based on 1000 registrations, cost may be updated based on final registration count.

General Item – various pricing based on projected 1,000 attendees (0 of 9 Available) SOLD OUT
Discount on Booth Registration Price (varies, see below)
Choice of item from 2021 SWAG list, first come first served

STILL AVAILABLE Snack Break Host $1,500 (13 of 15 Available)
Snack item(s) in the SWAG Box (random selection, no specific choice)
Acknowledgement note as Snack Break Host in the SWAG Box
A contribution will be made on behalf of the Snack Break Hosts to the Stanley W. Strew Trust to develop an on-demand PCA Exam Prep course for students.


Physical Flyer (provided by Contributor or Exhibitor) for SWAG Box* $2,000 (1 of 10 Available)


*SWAG Box flyer: single letter-sized page maximum, paper or postcard weight (ie, no booklets). Final quantity determined by September 8; projecting 1000 pieces. Pricing does not include printing or shipping. Sponsor/Exhibitor/contributor responsible for printing and shipping to CAPCA vendor in Sacramento, California. 

Sponsor/Exhibitor responsible for management of giveaways including shipping items out to winners. CAPCA does not provide personal information of registered Conference participants, but will verify Conference registration for individual winners.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Exhibitor may cancel at any time, but due to limited spacing, cancellations will not be entitled to a refund, and all fees due and owing must be paid in full.



CAPCA utilizes an email service for broad notifications; we do our best to make sure everyone gets the latest updates but sometimes technology gets in the way. If you aren't receiving notifications, check your Junk/Spam/Bulk folder. Conference Communications will be posted here as well.

March 8, 2021 - Notification & sign up form was sent to 2020 Exhibitors/Sponsors

May 17, 2021 - Notification to all Industry Partners