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For over 20 years, CAPCA and its members have been giving back to California communities through educational programs and scholarships. These programs and scholarships are overseen by the charitable non-profit Stanley W. Strew Education Fund, named for CAPCA’s founder and first executive director. Today, the SWS Trust provides a $3000 scholarship to college students pursuing a career in the pest management industry, as well as partnership programs with Future Farmers of America (FFA).

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Ag Teacher Kits

Following the enthusiastic success of the “Ag Teacher Kits” provided to California high school teachers at the California Agricultural Teachers' Association Conference in June 2016 in part through generous grant funding from CDFA.  CAPCA and local CAPCA Chapters are sponsoring another set of kits.

Kits include fruit and vegetable ID cards, Weed Pest and Tree Fruit Pest Identification and Monitoring cards, an insect collection kit, a classroom set of hand lenses, a seed ID kit, materials for preserving weed samples and additional resources. Kit materials valued at over $375

In partnership with FFA, kits will be provided to high school teachers attending the workshop at the CATA Conference in June. The workshop will provide teachers with training for using kit and materials in classroom education and FFA programs.

We are grateful for all who participated to make the Ag Teacher Project a success!

FFA Partnership

CAPCA is a committed supporter of Future Farmers of America and looks forward future project to invest in California’s next generation of ag leaders, including curriculum development.