This Month at CAPCA-November 2018

This Month at CAPCA: November 2018 November brings about the beginning of change for CAPCA.  This month, CAPCA’s board of directors met for their 4th Quarter meeting to discuss what 2019 will bring.  There will be a continued effort in providing valuable Active Ingredient Defense information as well as greater chapter involvement with their local […]

This Month at CAPCA-October 2018

Happy Fall Members! This was a full month, so let us get right to it: VENTURA MEETS WITH ASM JACQUI IRWIN Ted Swartzbaugh, Rick Harrison, Michelle Haase, Chris Steppig, Cristian Baez, Gus Gunderson from Limoneira, and Rob Scherzinger from the California Association of Aerial Applicatiors Association(CAAA) met with Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin to discuss what […]

This Month at CAPCA-September

This Month at CAPCA September 2018 CAPCA has made a slight change to our This Week at CAPCA feature.  We have transitioned to a monthly publication that will allow for a little more content.  We are also shifting the aim of this segment.  We still want to highlight how the State Office is working hard […]

This Week at CAPCA 8.24.2018

It has been a busy couple of weeks for CAPCA.  We have not been able to post in a few weeks, but we are back for this week! Last week, CAPCA was present at a welcome dinner for the new County Ag Commissioners in Ca.  It was a great event, with Ruthann Anderson speaking at […]

This Week at CAPCA 7.27.2018

Conference Update: We have signed up over 1200 people for October’s Conference in Anaheim.  Click HERE to register and join us!   Last week, CAPCA was present at the California Invasive Species Advisory Committee at the CDFA building in Sacramento.  The meeting placed special focus on Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer.  The committee worked on developing […]

This week at CAPCA 7.13.2018

This week, CAPCA provided updates to the Chapter pages on the website.  What we have done is include County Ag. Commissioners contact information for each county within the chapters.  This is to encourage contact between PCAs and Ag Commissioners.  The better PCAs are about having a good working relationship with their CAC, the more effective […]

This week at CAPCA 6.29.2018

Event Update: Krista Tavares of the Fresno-Madera Chapter represented CAPCA at the California Agricultural Teachers Association Conference in San Luis Obispo.  Krista met with teachers who received and used Ag Teacher Kits last year.  They also wanted to find out what the teachers needed to keep using the kit.  We should have some more details […]

This Week at CAPCA 6-15-2018

This Week at CAPCA-June 15, 2018 It has been awhile since we have had something new Over the last eight weeks, a lot has happened.  Some of the more noteworthy events: Conference Registration is in full swing.  We have 600 registered already.  Click here to register today! The California Primary elections have come and gone.  […]

This week at CAPCA 2.9.2018

CAPCA held its first Public Relations and Advocacy Training seminar last week.  This seminar was focused on how to address some of the challenges that a PCA might face from the media as the result of an agricultural event.  We focused on several topics and areas.  We had three special guest speakers: Ruben Arroyo, Paul […]