CAPCA’s mission is to facilitate the success of the licensed pest control adviser.

CAPCA’s purpose is to serve as the leader in the evolution of the pest management industry through the communication of reliable information.

What does this mission and purpose look like for us today?   CAPCA supports and represents more than 2,800 licensed PCAs. To support its members, CAPCA maintains 16 local chapters throughout the State of California. CAPCA’s mission and purpose are seen in:

  • Education and Networking – CAPCA Conferences, CAPCA ED and Chapter CE
  • Legislative & Regulatory Representation
  • Communication – Adviser and Applicator Alerts Publications and Crop Teams Outreach
  • Pathway to PCA – Campus Outreach and High School Ag Teacher Kits

Strong Association Promoting Professionalism

The California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA) represents more than 75% of the nearly 4,000 California EPA licensed pest control advisers (PCAs) that provide pest management consultation for the production of food, fiber and ornamental industries of this state.

CAPCA is dedicated to the professional development and enhancement of our member’s education and stewardship, which includes legislative, regulatory, continuing education and public outreach activities.

CAPCA membership covers a broad spectrum of the industry including agricultural consulting firms, U.C. Cooperative Extension Service, city, county and state municipalities, public agencies, privately employed, forensic pest management firms, biological control suppliers, distributors, dealers of farm supplies, seed companies, laboratories, farming companies and manufacturers of pest management products.

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CAPCA History

Innovation and conservation are vital to California’s economy. Nowhere is this more important than in the state’s agricultural and horticultural industries, which rely on the latest science and research to help manage diverse pest and disease threats.

Since 1972, California has demonstrated its commitment to protecting the state’s natural resources and communities by maintaining a formal licensing program for pest control advisers (PCAs). These individuals work with growers and landowners to enhance plant health, increase biodiversity and reduce agricultural losses on millions of acres of managed land. Their expertise helps California deliver the safest food supply in the world and ensures that the state’s parks and recreational spaces are free from invasive pests, weeds and diseases.

CAPCA helps the state’s PCAs excel at their jobs by delivering the latest industry trends, tracking hours for continuing education and pursuing advocacy efforts in Sacramento. The organization is a vital resource to keep California at the cutting edge of responsible pest control strategies.

California is at the center of responsible land management. As technology continues to improve our ability to target individual pests and diseases, PCAs will continue to support the health of California’s citizens, landscapes, water resources and wildlife into the 21st century. CAPCA is dedicated to supporting the next wave of innovation.