New Interim Recommended Permit Conditions for Chlorpyrifos

November 15, 2018

California Department of Pesticide Regulations announced today their New Permit Conditions for the use of Chlorpyrifos. A complete description of their proposed Permit Conditions are listed HERE.

A summary of the new conditions recommended by DPR:

  • Aerial applications are banned
  • Discontinuing its use on most crops. Chlorpyrifos will be restricted to “critical uses” on crops for which there are few, if any, alternative pesticides, as determined by the University of California Cooperative Extension.
  • Requiring a quarter-mile buffer zone during all allowed applications of the pesticide and for 24 hours afterwards.
  • Requiring a 150-foot setback from houses, businesses, schools and other sensitive sites at all times, regardless of whether the site is occupied at the time of application.