This Month at CAPCA-September

This Month at CAPCA September 2018

CAPCA has made a slight change to our This Week at CAPCA feature.  We have transitioned to a monthly publication that will allow for a little more content.  We are also shifting the aim of this segment.  We still want to highlight how the State Office is working hard for its membership, which is a top priority for us; we also want to recognize chapters for their work representing CAPCA in the community.

-Our 2019 Annual Conference

CAPCA’s 44th Annual Conference and Agri-Expo is right around the corner!  We have over 1600 people signed up for this event and more are signing up every day.

In an effort to make your conference experience that much better, we have launched an app to help you during the event.

We have instructions on downloading and using the app:

-September 13, 2018

The CAPCA State Office partnered with the Fresno-Madera Chapter for a CE Meeting.  Members were present for a presentation from Krista Tavares.  She presented the two winners of the Fresno-Madera CAPCA Scholarship.  Without giving too much away, please visit the CHAPTER page to read the story on these two young students.

The Chapter Leadership was also able to give the group an update on what the chapter has been up to and how they have been promoting CAPCA and its benefits.

Events and Announcements such as this deserved to be recognized.  We invite all of our membership to let us know about what you have been doing and how we can celebrate you!

-September 20 marked the conclusion of the Northern California series of CAPCA Ed Meetings.  There is one more event scheduled in Southern California along with other Chapter Events.  Please visit our EVENTS page to get more information and to sign up.

-Hopefully, many of you know that this year marked a special achievement for CAPCA.  Working with a coalition of stakeholders on our BEE WHERE project.  This project included a new piece of legislation that was designed by the coalition and several County Ag. Commissioners to put real teeth into the established legislation.  For a full version of the bill, click HERE.

CAPCA is working with developers to launch a brand-new site that will be linked to the CAPCA site and is specifically focused on BEE WHERE.  More information will be coming soon, so please stay tuned!