2018 End of Session Review

For CAPCA, it was a great year.  We worked with a coalition of stakeholders on our “Bee Where” project.  As part of this project County Ag Commissioners ran bill AB 2468 to add teeth into current registration requirements.  This language update will require that any beekeepers must register them with the County Ag. Commissioner, and if they relocate hives provide notification within 72 hours of changing location or county.  Starting in 2020, if beekeepers do not register, the County Ag. Commissioner has the authority to impose administrative civil penalties on those out of compliance.

The bill was chaptered by the Secretary of State on September 10, 2018.

There were a number of other pieces of legislation that CAPCA was watching this year.  We included the full report HERE

We hope this the just the beginning of CAPCA’s presence and efforts in the Capitol for the benefit of our membership and for the good of Agriculture throughout the State.