Stanislaus County Ag Commisioner: Milton O’Haire

Milton O’Haire:

Raised in Lassen County, O’Haire was appointed Stanislaus County Agricultural Commissioner in 2013.  Raised in Lassen County, Milton O’Haire was appointed Stanislaus County
Agricultural Commissioner in 2013. O’Haire worked in weights and measures – checking the accuracy of everything from service station gas pumps, to cash registers and scales at stores. He joined the Stanislaus County commissioner’s office in 1999, where, among other things, he focused on putting together a metrology lab to test weights-and-measures equipment. He was tapped to be  Assistant Agricultural Commissioner in 2001. He replaced Commissioner Gary Caseri in 2013 when Caseri retired.  O’Haire’s career began in 1982. Upon graduating from Stanislaus State University with a degree in geography, he joined the San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office as a pest-detection trapper. Among his early accomplishments: He was credited with discovering a Mediterranean fruit fly in Stockton that year. (“I was just a young kid out of college and was on TV and on the front page of The Modesto Bee with Alexander Haig resigning.”).