This week at CAPCA 2.9.2018

CAPCA held its first Public Relations and Advocacy Training seminar last week.  This seminar was focused on how to address some of the challenges that a PCA might face from the media as the result of an agricultural event.  We focused on several topics and areas.  We had three special guest speakers: Ruben Arroyo, Paul Wenger, and George Soares.

Ruben Arroyo share a number of his experiences as an Ag Commissioner and how he has handled the media today.  So much has changed in terms of the public’s access to the media, and how much smarter activists are becoming.

Paul Wenger, former Farm Bureau President, spoke about the similarities of political and public relations communications.  He also gave additional advice on how to respond to any issues that might be faced.

George Soares, our lobbyist, spoke to us about the path a bill must take to become legislation.  He also shared with us the importance of reaching out to our local legislators and how we can better communicate with them.

All in all it was an excellent day and we all learned a great deal.  This will hopefully be the first of many events designed to increase engagement between our chapters and our state government.