This week at CAPCA 1.26.2018

This week, CAPCA was happy to be invited to the California Invasive Species Summit.  The summit centered around mitigating the scenarios where various invasive pests cause the most damage.  Those pests are: vegetative, both terrestrial and aquatic, Arthropods, and vertebrates.

The first day, the group of almost 100 people divided up into pest groups, and CAPCA went into the Arthropods group, as insects are a large portion of what PCAs deal with day to day.  During this breakout, it was important to this group, as well as the other groups, that governmental funding become available for a team of experts to be available to address any emergency that might arise when having to deal with an invasive pest.

Day two was dedicated to discussing the ways that invasive pests and weeds make their way into our great state and what are some possible avenues to combat them.  All the hard work and great ideas will be coming together soon and as soon as it does, we will be sure to share it all with you.

Real collaboration and cooperation is critical to successful pest management!


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A team of German scientists may have stumbled on a safe treatment for Bees and Pollinators in treating a deadly pest.  There are still steps and research that need to happen, but it’s a great step.  The full story is below:

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