PSHB and the Avocado

California’s love affair with the Avocado,

The Avocado is synonymous with California.  90% of the Nation’s Avocados come from California.  The BLT is now the BLAT, and who doesn’t enjoy guacamole on everything?  It is understandable to see why the Avocado is so well loved.  It is great in a salad, just as it is on toast.  The Nation loves avocados and we Californians love them.  We strive to protect the Avocado against disease and pests.  One of the Invasive pest threats to the avocado it the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer.

CAPCA worked with several experts to help identify the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB).  How it manifests in trees, what is being done to study them, and how to properly report potential infestations.

We will post videos periodically with one of our experts and their advice on the PSHB.

Jim Davis of ESI loves Avocados.  He spends a couple minutes to illustrate some of the warning signs with Shot Hole Borer infestation in Avocado Orchards.

El Alcance de PSHB