Volunteers Strengthen CAPCA

I would like to start by thanking CAPCA’s past chairman of the board, John McClenahan (pictured here as I present to him his past chairman’s plaque at our February board meeting), for his dedicated service to CAPCA the last two years. He was charged with the task of keeping everything together within CAPCA during our transition to a new President and CEO, which turned out to be a longer process than anticipated. Because of his hard work and dedication I am happy to report we are in very good hands with Ruthann Anderson as our President and CEO. Thank you John!

Speaking of service, I would like to ask for volunteers to get involved with CAPCA beyond just being a member. CAPCA exists because of its membership, but is effective because of the many volunteers that help run the organization. Many of you are already involved with your local chapters as board members or serving on a committee, which is where it all begins. We also need to become more active in our local communities and telling our story of what we do as PCAs and how it benefits all of us. Volunteer as a guest speaker for local clubs or schools and educate them about agriculture and the safe affordable food that agriculture provides.

We also need to educate our legislators about our profession and how it is necessary to provide abundant food now and into the future. Make an appointment to talk with them or offer to meet them for lunch or better yet take them for a ride and show them what is happening in the field. An educated legislator is much more likely to listen to our concerns than one that has no idea what we do.

Of course there are also opportunities to serve at the state level of CAPCA, which has several committees that are in need of people to participate. Many of these committees use conference calls to meet so it does not disrupt your entire day with travel or overnight stays. If you are interested in getting more involved, call or contact the State CAPCA office and the staff will put you in contact with the committee chair of the committee you are interested in.

Yes, volunteering can be time consuming and add to an already busy work schedule. It can also be very rewarding and help you further your career and give you valuable leadership experience. If you have been in this industry for a long time and your career is winding down, maybe this is a good time to give back to this great profession that has given all of us so much in return.

So what do you think? Give it a try, you just might like it. I do!

Volunteers Strengthen CAPCA
Rick Wescott, CAPCA Chairman

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